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If you love your dog just as much as I love mine, that means you're equally as interested in your dog's overall health and well being. This is more than just giving your dog a balanced nutritious diet or good hygiene.

Activities, such as a walk or a run, that provides your dog with exercise can tremendously help your dog's mental and physical health. Walking allows your dog to stay fit, helps prevent future health issues, and strengthens bones and muscles. Exploring a new environment during walks fosters curiosity and increases mental acuity. Walking also enhances your dog's relationship with other humans, which allows them to socialize with other dogs and practice appropriate behavior or training.

With all the benefits that a walk provides, most dogs should be walked at least an hour a day. Burning energy makes dogs easier to manage, more focused during training and prevents hyperactivity and boredom. If work, vacation or other life obligations makes it difficult to do this with your furry friend, this is where I come in!

My name is Loc and I am The Zen Dog Walker. I take the holistic experience of dog walking and offer a trusting, professional, reliable and friendly service. I treat all dogs as though they were my own and my questionnaire ensures that each dog's walking experience is customized to your dog's needs.